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One secret to happiness and productivity: don’t follow Paris Hilton’s misadventures.

Paris_hiltonMaybe you’re genuinely interested in Paris Hilton. Maybe you talk about her with your colleagues around the water-cooler. Maybe you see her shenanigans as a fascinating commentary on certain aspects of American society.

If so, spending time on Paris Hilton certainly may contribute to your happiness. This kind of topic can be a lot of fun to follow.

I, however, was reading the occasional Paris Hilton story not because I was at all interested, but because I felt some kind of obligation to keep up with the latest twists. There’s so much coverage of it, I had a vague sense that I should keep myself informed.

Finally, light dawned. Hey, I told myself, this isn’t Iraq! This isn’t the immigration bill or the presidential election or even that guy with the rare strain of TB! I have no civic obligation to keep up with her story.

I’ve decided to spend NO TIME on monitoring the doings of Paris Hilton, and I’m sure I’ve saved untold hours to dedicate to more important activities, like reading magazines, flossing, and tidying my office.

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