Newsflash! THE HAPPINESS PROJECT Hit the New York Times Bestseller List! #2!

I’m in shock. I just found out. My book, The Happiness Project, hit #2 on the New York Times bestseller list, its first week out in the world.

This is one of the HAPPIEST moments of my professional career! I’m beyond thrilled!

Thank you, my dear readers, for your enthusiasm and everything you’ve done to support The Happiness Project. Thank you!

Now I’m off to jump around the room with joy!

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158 thoughts on “Newsflash! THE HAPPINESS PROJECT Hit the New York Times Bestseller List! #2!”

  1. That is so cool…what a thrill it must be! Congratulations, Gretchen. Sounds like a great time to dance with reckless abandon :-)

  2. Congratulations Gretchen! I just started reading your blog and can’t wait to pick up the book. I love your writing and can’t wait to see what’s next for the Happiness Project.

  3. Congratulations, Gretchen! I just finished the book yesterday, and I found it so helpful and inspirational – and I am a regular blog reader, too, through RSS. But I wanted to stop by and say thank you. It’s particularly reassuring to hear so many different types of views on happiness, from many different disciplines, as well as your personal experiences, of course.

  4. Congratulations! It’s a thrill for your fans, too!

    My friends and I are looking forward to your reading at Barnes & Noble tomorrow night. We’ll be there in force!

  5. Such wonderful, happy news. All those conversations about what makes a good book appeal to people when you’d already cracked it! So pleased for you, Gretchen. What a joy to watch you experience this moment!

  6. Oh, congratulations!!

    I just picked up the book on Saturday, and I’m already devouring it. I’m very HAPPY to say that I found the last copy in the store, and I recommended to the cashier that they order more. When I went back last night, there was a fresh stack on the New Non-fiction table! :D

    1. So glad to hear you are enjoying it, and also glad to hear that people are
      buying the book in your area! Thanks for talking it up to the bookstore

  7. Gretchen,
    sounds like its time to turn the music up really really loud and dance around the whole freaking apartment. Maybe to something very Gretchen? I think LiteFM plays Kool&TheGang….
    celebrate good times…etc.

  8. Congratulations, Gretchen! I discovered your blog–and hence The Happiness Project–just a week ago, and am enjoying it very much. You’ve obviously put a great deal of work into the project, and it’s great to see you’re being rewarded for that. Happy for you!

  9. Congrats!! I bought your book the day it came out. One more spot until the top. I hope you also makes a dent on the world happiness index ;)

  10. Well deserved kudos, Gretchen!!

    Soo looking forward to seeing you in Berkeley later this month. I’m taking the day off work to attend the event because I live at a distance from Berkeley.

  11. Congratulations! It’s on my reading list (which is as long as my arm, but learning speed reading is also on that list). Enjoy the moment…but you already know that.

  12. congrats.I am from Singapore.I havent seen it in our local book stores yet. Hope it arrives soon. Meanwhile , i already recommend it to our local libraries.They have placed orders for it. Cheers.

  13. I bought your book off amazon and it came in the mail on Monday. So far so good! Your blog is really what sold me on getting the book. You seem to be so in synch with how I’ve been feeling the last couple years and I am always looking for ideas on how to improve my disposition! THank you.

    1. Thanks! Yes, I’ll be at the Plaza library on January 20, 6:30. I’m from
      Kansas City and my parents live there — I LOVE coming back so that will be
      a highlight of the tour for me. Hope to see you there.

  14. Wow! There must be a lot of people out there who really want to be happy.
    I am planning to get one next time I go to a city.

  15. Oh so many congratulations! I have goosebumps just thinking what it must be like.
    Now my blogroll can always boast “I knew her when . . . ” :)

  16. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay, Gretchen – so happy for you! My copy just arrived in the mail today and I am about to devour it. You should be so proud! You have clearly touched hearts.

  17. I’m not surprised! I pre-ordered it from Amazon and I’ve been trying to savor it by only reading a chapter at a time. This is how I drag out books that I really like. I have loved your blog and I knew I would like this book. NYT best seller list is huge—way to go!

  18. That’s great! I’ve been reading your book and following your blog (first time for that-this is my first blog comment ever) and have become a huge fan. Happiness spreads…it’s great to be reminded of that. I can’t wait to see you speak at the Kansas City library!

    1. Yes, you know I need those gold stars! And this one is REALLY working!! I’m
      thrilled to hear you’re enjoying it.

  19. Gretchen:
    I was thrilled for you when I read about the success of your new book in making #2 on the New York Times Bestseller List! Congratulations!

    Just know that many of your followers are right here jumping for joy right along with you!
    As a person who has struggled with depression, I want you to know that your destiny in life was to create and write about the Happiness Project which in turn has been a helpful tool in helping me to see the brighter side of each day, along with helping me to put more structure into my life.
    I want to let you know how reading your website and writings has helped me, and I am sure many other people get through another day with a more positive attitude.

    Again, congratulations to you and may continued success be yours in all of your endeavors.

    1. Thanks so much. I’m so gratified to hear that my work has resonated with you
      and helped you face a serious happiness challenge. THANK you!

  20. Woohoo!!! I bought my copy, waiting for it to arrive in the mail. So happy for you that you’re doing what you love, and doing well!

  21. Haha! Congratulations. It was definitely a timely launch. I bought one a couple of days ago and plan to read it on vacation in Mexico next week. Talk about recharging.

  22. I bought the last copy in the bookstore. I quote you daily to a friend or family member. My 9 and 11 year old do too! What a gift you’ve given us to take and use in this next decade. Thank you for your passion and persistence!

  23. I absolutely loved your book! It is so practical and useful and I loved reading the more complete story. I am definitely going to share this with my friends! Congratulations!

  24. I am jumping for you too! I have been following your success for over two years now. Love the book and I am excited to share it with my Snickerdoodles readers.
    Love the 2010 Challenge too. Being a busy working Momma to three boys I am grateful for everything you have to share…when I am at the end of my rope your words bring me back to semi-sanity.

  25. The very warmest of congratulations Gretchen, you deserve it.

    You have given so much of yourself and your time to help others have happier lives. This triumph is well deserved. I hope the lovely feelings you are experiencing last for a very long time.

    Best wishes,

  26. Congratulations! I am really enjoying reading your book. As another commenter just mentioned, I am intentionally taking the time to digest your book. It is hard to put it down and remember to wait and think before jumping into the next chapter – but I really want to process it. I enjoy your writing and look forward to seeing what is next for you.

  27. When I was reading the book today in the morning, I thought: this book will be the New York Best seller if it’s not already. And there you have it. Congrats Gretchen! I also savor reading the book by reading a little at a time. Some in the morning, some before bed.

  28. What a blessing, both for you and all of us out here who are benefiting from your amazing work! Totally deserved!

  29. Congratulations, that’s awesome news! A friend at work came over a few minutes ago and we started talking about her returning to Weight Watchers and possibly switching gyms back to the one at our office. I showed her your book and said she might be interested in the first chapter, about increasing energy, and she said that kind of thing is exactly what she needed. She didn’t need more money, she didn’t really need to lose weight, she just needed more happiness in her life. I sent her here and now she’s considering buying the book! I might also try to convince to come along with me tonight when I go to the event at Barnes and Noble.

  30. Congratulations Gretchen. The book is great and it is no surprise at all that it made it to the list. So glad I stumbled onto it! Wishing you many weeks on the list and continued success!

  31. I’m so happy for you! This book came at the right time for me and others. I’m about 1/2 way through and your words stick with me throughout the day. I had a good conversation with my sister for the first time in 2 months thanks to your book. Its the first time I’ve read something I think will give me a new perspective on how I live my life. Thank you and congrats!

  32. Congratulations! The honor is very well-deserved. I’m about to start November and don’t want the book to end. See you in Berkeley!

  33. Congrats! Bought your book yesterday (Ottawa, Canada – nice stack in Chapters) and tried to wait for tomorrow’s plane trip to start it, but couldn’t. Love it! The line about wondering how you’d manage to ponder the subleties of happiness when you couldn’t even remember to pick up toothpaste had me hooked — I’d forgotten to buy toothpaste myself yesterday. Can’t wait to get to the rest. My sisters and I are starting a happiness project, thanks to you.

  34. Congratulations, Gretchen! You deserve it — I also wanted to congratulate you onyour book being featured in the latest issue of Psychology Today! Your hard work and attention to detail is paying off.

  35. Congratulations Gretchen! Your blog is the very first I ever started following! Every post is one I want to pass along to friends and family! Your ideas are incredible, you deserve all your success!

  36. I ordered your book from our local Indie Bound Book Store and told them to get some on the shelves!!! I’m one of those Midwesterners (small-town Iowa) that your friend in your book said would not be able to relate to you. Oh, how he was wrong. I found you on Slate and have read your blog since. I’m 40, have a very successful husband and three great kids However as I’m reading your book, I am thinking long and hard about the fact that I finally need to grow up – keep resolutions, learn something new, go to bed earlier (I’ve been out of college for 20 years; time to start going to bed before 12:30). Thank you and congratulations.

  37. Congratulations, Gretchen!!!!!

    I don’t know how well you remember me, we had coffee together and exchanged emails back in the spring. I’m sure you’ve talked to a whole lot of people since then. We talked about your goals including really making an impact on people’s lives. Your incredible performance on the bestseller list is a quantitative measure of this achievement already….with a lot more to come!

    I’m a big fan of using Net Promoter scores (NPS) to measure quality using the answers to one question. In your case that would be:

    “On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely is it that you would recommend Gretchen Rubin’s approach to a friend or colleague?”

    I hope to measure your NPS and compare it to other authors who consistently frequent the bestseller lists in your category. Given the positive skew of comments on your blog and now on Amazon, I’m certain you would get a very high score.

    Although possibly not the phrase you would use, the “Gretchen Rubin” brand is off to a most excellent start. I trust that as you extend your author platform, you will continue to widen the circle of people who you impact. In marketese, I suspect your brand will appeal to a very wide demographic….again a rigorously measurable metric.

    Hint: The Years are Short video is extremely moving and appeals to all humans, IMO. Video in all forms, would extend your message to people who don’t necessarily spend a lot of time with books and blogs.

    Soooo….it would be great if you could expand your platform to include lots of cool visual stuff.

    All the best,

    Gordon Gossage
    Head Honcho
    Willibehappy, LLC

  38. I love your book! I’m telling all my friends about it. When I finish it, I’m going to reread it! Thanks for writing such a helpful and honest book.

  39. Gretchen, I thought I was getting your book from hubby as a gift for Christmas, but it didn’t appear…so, to help you get to #1, I ordered it today. So happy for you!

  40. Congratulations Gretchen – you so deserve this! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of your book. Here’s hoping for #1!

  41. My book arrived from Amazon! It was a holiday gift to myself. I “accidentally” discovered Gretchen, her site and blog months ago during a a “dark” time , when I was in great need of encouragement and inspiration.I found that and much more when I contacted Gretchen and researched her work. Ms. Rubin is the “real deal.” Her project is thoughtful,engaging and meaningful.Her recent success and the enthusiastic reception of her book, is no surprise. As a “Super-Fan”, I continue to be inspired and excited to share the news about,”The Happiness Project.” Congratulations Gretchen!

  42. You make US happy day in and out. Your site has lead to so much good in my life (I’ve yet to buy the book, I will get to it!). It’s exactly what people need. And even if it wasn’t for the Bestseller list (which is AWESOME beyond words!), you have every reason to be thrilled, you’re an inspiration, and better yet, you’re giving us all tools to be our own inspiration.

    So thank YOU. :D

  43. Congratulations! This is going to be my selection when it’s my turn to pick the book for our book club next month. We could all use some happiness.

  44. Enough already with the self-promoting. The faux modesty and endless “yoikes!” you post every time something good happens with your book are getting old. Happy for you, congratulations on beating the odds of publishing, etc. but stop. Please. We are not reading your blog to get updates on your success. It should, it really should, speak for itself.

    1. #Blondie,

      You’re entitled to your own opinion. But I for one would love to hear every detail of what Gretchen has accomplished. (For instance — please list all of your media and TV appearances. I want to see them!)

      I am happy for Gretchen and I am inspired by her. And I know I am not alone.

      By the way, it is “zoikes,” not “yoikes.”


  45. In a world where everyone claims to be number 1.
    I think it is awesome that you are staking a solid and uncontested stake to number 2 !
    Way to Go Gretchen –
    You do get “THE GOLD STAR” for today!

  46. Congratulations! I’ve been following your blog for a few months and bought your book a few days ago at Borders- I went to three different stores to finally find it in stock- I got the last copy.
    The book is great! Ready to get started on my happiness project.

    1. Wow! Thanks for your persistence! I’m thrilled to hear that you’re enjoying
      it. Good luck with your happiness project!

  47. Will no one here admit to a spot of envy? Clerking for Justice Sandra Day O’Connor … then turning to a writing career … running a popular and respected blog … and now the launch and quick success of The Happiness Project …?

    I do congratulate you on a wonderful and deserved accomplishment, even as I banish the green-eyed monster to the corner of the room….

  48. Hi Gretchen, the very warmest of congratulations on the success of your book. You give so much of yourself, your time, and knowledge, it’s lovely to see you receive such wonderful success. I hope the happy feeling lasts for a very long time.

  49. LOL. It seems I have posted the same message twice. I didn’t see it posted the first time. So accept a double congrats, Janine

  50. My book arrived yesterday. Your life IS MY life. From the Introduction to chapter 1. I really thought for a moment you were writing about MY life. I have so enjoyed the book so far. Going to read a chapter a month and relish in some HAPPINESS!!!!

  51. Congratulations! My pre-ordered copy arrived a couple of days ago, and I’m loving it. I’m not surprised others do, too.

  52. Congrats! I knew this project would be a success! I’ve been reading it for just over a year now. Who doesn’t want to be happy?? LOL! Have a great day!

  53. Ms. Rubin – Congratulations to you! It is a joyous day when inspiring books become bestsellers. There is a phenomenon in my life I call the jump-in-my-arms-read-me phenomenon. I love going to book stores and about 5 or 6 times each year certain books literally call to me. Yours was one of those books. I picked it up. I put it back down, not because it did not intrigue me but, I was trying to save some much needed post-Christmas cash. Alas, I bought it anyway. I felt it was going to guide my own life at certain levels. It has done so at many levels! Thank you for sharing your life experience with us. As a side note, one of the funniest pictures to take and view is people jumping. You should have someone take a shot of you jumping for joy. Finally, another life journal that jumped off the shelf to me and that I would recommend highly is Vivian Swift’s When Wanderers Cease to Roam. Have a blessed 2010. Nina in snowy Athens, Ohio

    1. Gretchen, I second Nina’s desire to see photos of you jumping for joy, or maybe just jumping. Can you run over to Central Park and take some and load them up on the site? They would be so cool!

  54. Honestly? Someone discovers fulfillment in noting the beauty and meaning of the every day? The beautiful shade of green that pine cones take on in the fall? The The interesting earrings worn by a woman on that 3rd Ave. bus? The intriguing choice of words made by someone you’re engaged in conversation with?

    People who fall for the popular messages promoted by the media (who are promoting the message of consumer-oriented corporations)and live by them (buying big, polluting SUVs with TVs; pursuing careers to the detriment to the children they’ve chosen to have, etc.) are really advertising their low self-esteem and how willing they are to be fooled. And then they earn a lot of fame and a lot of dough when they go on their book tour to promote their revelations, that, gee, noticing what is right in front of us is the “secret to life.” Oh, boy. Give me a break.

    1. #Bailey,

      Honestly? When I read comments that start with “honestly?” I tend to doubt the sincerity and thoughtfulness of the writer. Same with “give me a break.”

      Maybe instead of making comments that are really just canned judgments that could be inserted to any blog, article or conversation, you could spend some time reading and actually thinking about what other people say.

      It might make you happier and, as Gretchen’s book points out, happier people tend to be more generous, nurturing and active in causes that help the world than less happy people.


      1. Oops, last line got cut. Meant to say

        Francisco Urtuzuastegui, my grandfather, used to say, “cynicism is not the same as critical thinking. Know the difference.”

  55. Gretchen, I’m a long-time blog fan and I just want to say that your success is making me SO HAPPY! I can’t wait for my own copy of the book to get to me (I’ve another week to go) but I can’t think of anyone who deserves this kind of recognition more. Congratulations!

  56. Gretchen, I’m a long-time blog fan and I just want to say that all the recognition you’re getting at the moment is making me SO HAPPY! I can’t think of anyone who deserves more success and back-slapping than you. Still waiting on my copy of the book (we’ve another week to go in Ireland)…

  57. Don’t be surprised by the book doing well. I just heard of you two seconds ago on the Today Show and I am out the door to go buy your book… This is what I need to help me deal with life issues. I wont be surprised if this is not what I need instead of all the psycho-babble books I have been reading.

    I predict yours will be a huge bestseller bypassing the Secret and A Purpose Driven Life.

    Maybe I will buy a copy for each of my many daughters too!

  58. Gretchen, Your happiness success made me cry! Tears of Joy! And empathy. And inspiration. You are far down the road of your journey; we are just beginning ours. Thank you and continued ecstasy to you.

  59. Just read about your book on Boing Boing ( directory of wonderful things). The Happiness Project sounds like a perfect primer for the new year. Happy here, but is there anyone who couldn’t benefit from a little prod to be more so? I’m gonna find it on Amazon and order today!

  60. I LOVE reading your book. Loved seeing you on the Today Show- great job! I’m ready to read the chapter about friends next and I’m excited to read this chapter since that is what has always given me the greatest happiness- spending time with friends, making new friends, relationships, etc. However, it is hard for me to make new friends. I can be quiet or shy in new situations and am not good at small talk, nor do I enjoy it. Once I get to know people, I’m not shy or quiet at all. But I would like to make new friends.
    Also, I would love to see you post on healthy intimacy/sex life within a happy marriage. And I would love to see everyone’s comments.
    I love your blog. Thanks for everything you do. :)

  61. I just bought the last one at the Chesnut Hill Mall today in Boston, MA. I was excited I got it just in time. And then at the register, the woman said, we’ve sold so many of those, what is it?
    Of course I said my little explanation about it, and they just smiled and said…Mmm, sounds interesting! : )

    Now, off to read a little before bedtime! Congratulations Gretchen! You’re an inspiration!

  62. Gretchen, My husband bought me your book for Christmas and I received it yesterday. I am thrilled! I love the way you write, so honest and direct. So many people can’t even admit they are part of their own problems! You are going to open a lot of people’s eyes to see they are usually responsible for at least part of a relationship problem AND for finding a solution. Thanks so much. I am retired so we are never too old to learn and grow!

  63. Congratulations! You are everybody’s dear friend of the whole world. I learnt a lot from you, too. Thank you very much.

  64. Dear Gretchen,

    Congratulations! I am a long time blog reader, and I am thrilled to now have your book. My older daughter (age 13) already borrowed and read it from cover to cover, and now my ten year old wants a turn too.

    I must be experiencing the joy of shared happiness, because I am sitting here grinning from ear to ear to learn about the ecstasy of your personal and professional success.

  65. Congratulations, Gretchen.

    Maybe you’ll also get a chance to test first hand whether an increase in income leads to an increase in happiness!!!

  66. Congratulations on the great success of your new book. I am a San Francisco Psychologist helping individuals and couples live more positive, happier lives and your writings resonate with me. I look forward to meeting you in person at your Berkeley book signing, and I am rallying friends to join me from Twitter.

  67. Gretchen: Wow, I remember getting a copy of your commandments way back when….you were just starting out this project and had the time to share your process with me personally at that time. And look at you now!! I can’t wait to get the book, but am going to wait until your book signing in Berkeley, which I plan to be at in person. So happy for you. See, your happiness makes ME happy!
    Enjoy the ride. You have much to celebrate, much to enjoy and LOTS to be happy about!

  68. Your book i’m yet to read, i’ve read a few extracts online and it points out some very important things in life. I look forward to getting a copy soon, thank-you for starting a revolution around the world Gretchen. I hope we can all find happiness within our hearts of our own and others around the world. When is the Happiness Project movie coming out?I’m working on my happiness project Downunder here in Australia like everyone else around the world, i’d love to see your book in every cafe, every bookstore, everyones house, people reading it on transport systems, biclycles(lol), parks, walking down the street bumping into people reading it. I can just see the interest and smiles starting to unfold, this needs to be shared everywhere what an amazing start to the year its going to be!I’ve added your link to my blog(I’m working on it), i look forward to sharing my happiness with the world this year and i need your help!

  69. everytime I watch the “Years are Short” I indulge in a one minute crying jag,

    then I feel better and can under react. Thank you

  70. Getchen I love your one minute video the years are short… everytime I watch
    I indulge in a one minute cry and am able to under react. thank you

  71. Hi there, I am from Australia and am researching Animal Assisted Therapy and found your name in an article
    which has prompted me to write to you re the work you did on the relaionship between humans and animals. I have started an umbrella organisation in Oz about AAT and the value of animals in out lives. I would like to be able to send a link to your work and be kept aware of your research and articles aside from the fact that I am purchasing your book thru Amazon. Thank you Judy LEvron

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