I Was on the Today Show!

I was thrilled to be on the Today Show to talk about holiday stress.

Ann Curry interviewed me back in January, when The Happiness Project first came out (here’s that video). I really enjoyed doing that segment, so I was very happy to be speaking to her again.

With me was Dr. Catherine Birndorf — which was a lot of fun, because not only is she the co-author of a book on happiness, The Nine Rooms of Happiness, she’s also a good friend! So the conversation was fun and not too stressful — very appropriate, given that we were talking about how to avoid stress.

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17 thoughts on “I Was on the Today Show!”

  1. Congratulations, a terrific segment, excellent point about the milestone holiday. For us, it exacerbates our feeling of how far we are from our own extended family — but we’re embracing it in our own way, with help from your advice, thank you!

  2. Love that you have become a recognized happines EXPERT just by digging in and really studying and experiencing this adventure with your family and your friends.

  3. You are so right.. it is actually wise to expect conflict or uneasyness when a family gathers together for the holidays, especially when there are family members that are problematic to deal with. I noticed for my self that the best thing to do on Christmas (or holidays in general) is not to have too much expectations but to accept the way things go and the way people behave – this actually takes a lot of stress from me.

  4. Great job, Gretchen! Even if you were nervous, you looked relaxed and…happy! Lovely interview with good suggestions.

    Thank you for your quick turnaround on my bookplates! Very sweet of you.

    Happy Holidays!!

  5. Unfortunately, where are the thoughts of Kant?

    Why all the censorship inside this blog?

    Please, a public service announcement to all the people?

    Why you banned all posts of Mr. Kant?

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