Want a Free Copy of “Happier at Home”?

Happier at Home hits the shelves in less than a month! To celebrate, I’m giving away one book each day for the next few weeks–hot off the presses.

Enter your name and email here, and every day, someone will be picked at random. U.S. and Canada only, alas.

If you’re wondering about the book, you can…

–learn more about it here

–read a sample chapter on the subject of “time” here

–email me for a one-page reading group guide here

–watch the Behind the Scenes video here (though you’d probably enjoy that more after you’ve read the book)

What a joy it was to write this book! I hope you enjoy it.

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46 thoughts on “Want a Free Copy of “Happier at Home”?”

    1. I’ll happily enter your name, but will note to everyone that in general, for privacy, probably better to use the form.

  1. signed up for your free book but I plan to buy at least 8 copies for christmas gifts for the women in my life. Thanks Gretchen for your intellect and grasp on maintaining happiness. :)

  2. am such a fan of yours! Ordered the book, and will be talking about it at book club. When are you going to come to New Zealand… or Australia even?? We’d love to see you down-under!

  3. Hi Gretchen,
    The “here” is not alowing me to enter my name for a free book, do you know if there was a problem with that since I am in Canada.

  4. There’s no way I won’t get a stack of them sold and read by others. My friends tease me about the number of times I say, “Well, Gretchen says….” But I’d treasure a free copy anyway.

  5. Would love a free copy. I always enjoy the FB posts and reading the blog generally makes me feel better about life.

  6. I’ve restricted my reading of the Happiness Project to when I’m actually on and using the elliptical trainer. I found myself so engrossed. It ensures a daily visit to the gym! I’ll soon be finished at this rate and while a whole lot healthier what will I do next? Happier at Home seems like a natural progression.

  7. Awesome! I just entered! I’m literally about 2/3 way through reading The Happiness Project so the timing is excellent – fingers crossed!

  8. I have pre ordered, but I can give a copy to a friend! If things aren’t going my way, I say “You’re messing with my Happiness Project!”

  9. This is a great little contest – I’ll have to remember it if I ever write a book – it could happen! Thank you for your imagination!

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