My current emphasis: how to make good habits and break bad ones (really)

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“Old As We Must Have Looked…We Were Still Taking Lessons, In How To Be Grown-up.”

“And there was, in those Ipswich years, for me at least, a raw educational component; though I used to score well in academic tests, I seemed to know very little of how the world worked and was truly grateful for instruction, whether it was how to stroke a backhand, mix a martini, use a wallpaper steamer, or do the Twist. My wife, too, seemed willing to learn. Old as we must have looked to our children, we were still taking lessons, in how to be grown-up.”

– John Updike, Self-Consciousness

I recognize this feeling in myself–needing to learn how to be a grown-up. Do you ever experience this? It’s part of the reason I started keeping track of my Secrets of Adulthood.