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“If Only Some One Could Give Me…If I Could Give Some One…”

Virginia WoolfYes, yes, when the lark soars; when the sheep, moving a step or two onwards, crop the turf, and at the same time set their bells tinkling; when the breeze first blows, then dies down, leaving the cheek kissed; when the ships on the sea below seem to cross each other and pass on as if drawn by an invisible hand; when there are distant concussions in the air and phantom horsemen galloping, ceasing; when the horizon swims blue, green, emotional–then Mrs. Jarvis, heaving a sigh, thinks to herself, “If only some one could give me…if I could give some one…” But she does not know what she wants to give, nor who could give it to her.

–Virginia Woolf, Jacob’s Room

I love the work of Virginia Woolf so much that I almost can’t bear to read it. Do you ever have that feeling?

If you’re thinking, “Oh darn, I missed seeing Gretchen talking to Matt Lauer on the Today show,” well, you’re in luck!