My current emphasis: how to make good habits and break bad ones (really)

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“Them Stories Just Gone and Shown You How Some Folks Would Do.”

flanneryoconnorhat“I lent some stories to a country lady who lives down the road from me, and when she returned them, she said, “Well, them stories just gone and shown you how some folks would do,” and I thought to myself that that was right; when you write stories, you have to be content to start exactly there—showing how some specific folks will do, will do in spite of everything.”

–Flannery O’Connor, “Writing Short Stories,” in Mystery and Manners

I’m not sure why I love this quotation so much, but I think about it all the time. Perhaps it’s because in my own writing, I’m always trying to understand what I’m seeing right in front of me–what some folks (including me) will do, will do in spite of everything.