Secret of Adulthood: What’s the Best Way to Make Yourself Happy? Someone Else Happy?

Further Secrets of Adulthood:


I have Eight Splendid Truths about Happiness (very inspired by the numbered lists of Buddhism), and this is the Second Splendid Truth. People often talk about Part A, but much more rarely about Part B. But I think they’re both true–agree? disagree?

13 thoughts on “Secret of Adulthood: What’s the Best Way to Make Yourself Happy? Someone Else Happy?”

  1. Yes good advice, sometimes we get too caught up within ourselves and fail to realise the needs of others. I am guilty of this as well.


  2. I love to make others feel happy and really good about themselves, it’s been my life’s work – my clients even call me the feel good fairy. I’m in no doubt that there’s a massive pay off for me in this work – that I feel very happy when they are. And I’ve noticed over the years that when I’m really happy – it makes those around me happy too. A win/win situation. Love your Eight Splendid Truths Gretchen.

  3. Sometimes though the best way to make others happy is to make yourself happy. I have been dealing with a very difficult teen for the past few years and some. I have found the only way to stay sane is to do things for myself once in a while otherwise I just do not have the inner resources to deal with what gets dished out.

  4. I’m only now finding that balance. For years I was a pretty self-centered young woman, and then things swung to the opposite extreme, where we were serving in ministry at the expense of all else. Both of those ways of living are unsatisfying. It’s so true we are way-blessed by what we do for others, and we also really do something good for others when we make time to care well for ourselves. The Happiness Project is one of the most challenging and important things I’ve read recently – thank you for making it ok to think long and hard about happiness. I needed permission to do that. And my whole family is benefitting! I’m trying to include the theme of happiness in my blog more now, because I think women really need that encouragement. Thank you so much.

  5. Happiness is not outside, it comes from inside. The way you see the world matters and not the other way round. If you are happy, everything outside will seem good and livelier.

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