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Secret of Adulthood: Keep It Simple–But Not Too Simple.

Further Secrets of Adulthood:



I often have to remind myself of this Secret of Adulthood. I have a tendency to want to sweep everything away, to toss out, to throw everything overboard, in order to simplify my life. But, I remind myself, many of the things that make me happiest are things that complicate my life.

I tell myself: Somewhere, keep an empty shelf–but somewhere, keep a junk drawer. Keep it simple, but not too simple.

Sidenote: People often ask me, “Gretchen, do you really have an empty shelf?” Yes, I do! Want to see it? Watch this little behind-the-scenes video I made for Happier at Home. I had so much fun making it. The empty shelf is at 6:41.

Do you ever struggle with this — trying to keep things simple, yes, but also not too simple?

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