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“Those Who Find Comfort in Literature…in Personal Adornment, and…in Food.”

Elizabeth_Goudge“Maria gazed at her boots. Miss Heliotrope restored her spectacles to their proper position, [and] picked up the worn brown volume of French essays…

“Humanity can be roughly divided into three sorts of people–those who find comfort in literature, those who find comfort in personal adornment, and those who find comfort in food.”

–Elizabeth Goudge, The Little White Horse

This is a very broad statement, but as I thought about it, it struck me that there’s a fair amount of truth in it. Agree, disagree?

This book was written in 1946. To update it a bit, maybe I’d change “literature” to…what word encompasses literature, and also TV, movies, the internet?

Any other major sources of comfort that you’d include along with literature, personal adornment, and food? Perhaps animals?

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