My current emphasis: how to make good habits and break bad ones (really)

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Do You Want the Tenth Bite of Ice Cream More than the First Bite, or Less?

I’ve been continuing to ponder the abstainers vs. moderators distinction. In case you haven’t been breathlessly following this line of argument: in a nutshell, when facing a temptation, abstainers do better if they abstain altogether, while moderators do better if they indulge a little bit, or from time to time. The other day, a friend who is a true moderator …

Story: “Now I’m Free From French Fries.”

For the weekly videos, I now tell a story. I’ve realized that for me, and I think for many people, a story is what holds my attention and makes a point most powerfully. This week’s story: Now I’m free from French fries. It relates to one of my favorite subjects: the abstainer/moderator split.   Can’t see the video? Click here. …